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A note about my former Music Distributor, Tunecore


On November 28th. Tunecore took down all my releases from all the shops and streaming platforms without giving me any reason! A few of the releases have been online for over two years without any problems others have been published througout this year. I tried to reach out to them but their customer support is automated and even though i paid for a Pro account, they did not get back to me within 24 hours as they guaranteed! Well, that was a waste of money for the Pro Account! And then, I received the following automated Answer:


Meagan (TuneCore)
2. Dez. 2023, 8:21 AM GMT-5
Hello There,

Unfortunately, to protect our content review practices, our policies in some cases do not allow us to disclose reasons why a release is being rejected. Again, apologies for the inconvenience this has caused – however, we will not be able to proceed with the distribution.

Thank you.
Content Review and Rights Administration Specialist


Are you kidding me?! W.T.F. is wrong with you people?! I reached out through their social media platforms but nothing but automated crap messages. They don’t want you to get in contact with them! They take your money and don’t deliver to their promises! Don’t get me wrong, i was happy with their services until all that happened for no explainable reason whatsoever. Unfortunately, i read all the articles and recessions just after all that happened and now i understand the frustration of many of their customers. I still don’t know what went wrong but teamed up with the competition!