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Max Citing Live In Spain 2024




German born Max Citing is a Los Angeles-based musician and producer of electronic music who has gained a passionate fanbase for his distinctive style and alluring tracks. His most well-known tracks are “Banksy Was Here,” “Cyberpunx,” “Number Seven,” and “Living in a Bubble.” He has made a name for himself in the industry through his extensive record, entrancing listeners with his contagious rhythms and immersive soundscapes. His first album titled “M” was released in 2023. This much awaited album has Citing’s distinctive sound, which combines complex melodies, throbbing beats, and immersive settings. Citing pushes the limits of electronic music with each song, entrancing listeners on a musical trip. His latest album “E-Motions” with singles like “Funker Benecke”, “Jimmy”, “Butterbrot”, and “Ataque” are among Citing’s best. These songs serve as examples of his talent for creating vibrant, vivacious tunes that appeal to aficionados of electronic music. Each record perfectly encapsulates his aesthetic vision, from the catchy rhythms to the dreamy synth layers. The catchy beats and captivating synth lines of “Number Seven” draw in listeners. As he keeps pushing the frontiers of electronic and trance music, Max Citing’s music connects with listeners all around the world.



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